CITY SPOTLIGHT: ‘Plug-In’ to Sanford
by Lisa Mosca, Special to the Herald
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The “Plug-In to Sanford” Kickoff Event will take place Friday, Jan. 27 at the electric vehicle charging station in front of the Welcome Center.
The “Plug-In to Sanford” Kickoff Event will take place Friday, Jan. 27 at the electric vehicle charging station in front of the Welcome Center.
It wasn’t long ago that gasoline-powered vehicles ushered in the age of practical modern automobiles. Fast forward to the 21st Century and low and behold, you have five Electric Vehicle (EV) charge stations right here in Sanford.

The charge stations were secured via a federal grant provided by the Department of Energy funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Sanford is the second city in Seminole County to receive funding under the grant for the EV charge stations.

Sanford’s five EV charge locations include: The northeast corner of Park Avenue and E. 1st Street; E. 1st St. in front of the Historic Sanford Welcome Center; the corner of Seminole Boulevard and Hood Avenue; Seminole Boulevard by Fort Mellon Park; and the northeast corner of Palmetto Avenue and E. 1st St.

Expect a user-friendly experience when accessing the station through ChargePass cards or a Radio Frequency ID equipped credit card. This interface aids in eliminating prohibited usage.

The charge stations also have interface capabilities with smart phone applications to tell people where to locate the charge stations if they are traveling in an electric vehicle and need a charge.

For more information on the smart phone EV charge station interface go to

The charge stations are also equipped with reporting capabilities so the U.S. Department of Energy and city staff can monitor time of day usage, length of charge session, how much fuel is saved and what impact each charging session has on the carbon footprint.

Please join the City of Sanford and our sustainability partners including, U.S. Department of Energy and David Maus Automotive of Sanford among others, for the “Plug-In to Sanford” Kickoff Event on Friday, Jan. 27 at 5:30 p.m. at the charging station located in front of the Historic Sanford Welcome Center at 230 E. 1st St.

Sanford is committed to making high-quality, innovative technology available to its residents and visitors of the Downtown area. The city is staying on the cusp of technology at the same time helping to be environmentally conscious as we look forward to setting the stage for future generations.

Lisa Mosca, MPA, is an Administrative Coordinator in the Office of the City Manager in the City of Sanford. If you would like to submit a question to Lisa regarding the subjects of the bi-weekly column she can be reached at