Men and Women Need Gender Equality in Sports and Fitness
by moabtimesblogger
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Even though the majority of men and women are built different physically, there are similarities in the motivation and drive department. Women want and need to be active to stay healthy, and men need to stay flexible to maintain muscle. Many women feel intimidated lifting weights in the gym and playing certain male dominated sports. Predominantly feminine activities such as yoga, pilates, and dance are usually not frequented by most men.

Most sports, however, have Woman's Leagues, and most of the rules are suited to adapt to the female physique. Some sports also adapt to them by changing the required equipment. A lacrosse helmet, for example, is not typically worn during the female lacrosse games, but the male games do have them. The two genders don't usually play co-ed, but when they do, the amount of physical contact is limited to suit the female players on the field.

Women who participate in sports often do as well as men in the same sport, but don't receive the same recognition and sponsorship as men do. As recently as the seventies, female journalists weren't even allowed in some sports games. Gender segregation has been a part of sports for as long as there have been sports to be played.

Looking around a room of yoga students, typically 20% or less are men. According to the Washington Post, most men don't attend yoga classes because they have heard that yoga isn't a decent workout, it is too touchy-feely, or that a man's body isn't made for pretzel-like poses. Boys don't typically join dance classes because they are too feminine. The vast majority of pilates class attendees are women as well. Some day, hopefully, gender segregation in sports will be a thing of history, and women and men will feel comfortable playing baseball, lifting weights, and attending yoga classes together.