Best Winter Sports
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With winter comes the end of the fall/summer sports season. However, this is not the end out outdoor fun or sports. There are a lot of great sports to do, even in the winter months. These four sports are perfect for the cold and a lot of fun:


  1. Ice-skating. Whether at a rink, or at a frozen-over pond, ice-skating is a favorite winter pastime. It should be noted that outdoor ice skating can be dangerous, as it is possible for there to be thin ice, so please be cautious, and pick a location with that in mind. Ice-skating rinks also have handlebars along the side of the rink, which makes it easier for beginners to learn.

  2. Lacrosse. This can be played year-round with the right uniform and lacrosse equipment. There are longer sleeved uniforms available for cold weather, and some places even have lacrosse played indoors. Either way, lacrosse is a popular sport, and if there isn’t a local team it shouldn’t be too hard to create one.

  3. Indoor Soccer. Another great indoor sport is soccer. The uniform and rules are the same; the game is simply held indoors. Some facilities even use AstroTurf in order to imitate the warmer conditions. Very often, indoor soccer is offered to both children and adults, so keep an eye out to see what is available.

  4. Skiing. Perfect for a family vacation or a solo trip, skiing is one of the most popular winter sports. There are a variety of trails, difficulty levels, and places that it can be done. Look at what’s available nearby or far away, and make plans accordingly.


Get to a rink, hit the slopes, or find the available indoor sport, and have a great winter.